Mountain Photos: TianSnan, Caucasus, Crimea
Mountain Photos Khan ̉engri

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Offer you beautiful mountain photos of the Asia's and the Caucasus's mountains

Mountain Photos Tian Shan

The mountain system Tian Shan is located in the border region of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and China. The highest peak in the Tian Shan mountains is the Victory Peak (Jengish Chokusu in Kyrgyz) which, at 7,439 metres (24,406 ft), is also the highest point in Kyrgyzstan and is on the border with China. The Tian Shan's second highest peak, Khan Tengri (Lord of the Sky), at 7,010 metres (23,000 ft), is located in the Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan border, and is the highest point of Kazakhstan. Mountaineers class these as the two most northerly peaks over 7,000 metres (23,000 ft) in the world.

Mountain Photos Central Caucasus

Part of Central Caucasus is Bezengi region, famoust in Caucasus range, which is extremly filled up with grandiousity of above five thousand meters mountains group, that have large faces of even more 1500 meter high.
It is here, that one of the unique mountain group is situated - so called Bezengi "Wall" - an immense massif twelve kilometres long that divides Bezengi from the northern regions of Svanetia. Its knife-edge crest has six grandiose mountains: Lialver (4,350 m), one of the smallest and easiest peaks in the "Wall"; the fantastic Gestola pyramid (4,860 m); the massive Mountain. Katin (4,970 m); Mountain Dzhangi (5,049 m), which has three peaks over 5,000 meters high; Shota Rustaveli peak (4,960 m); and Mt. Shkhara (5,068 m).

Mountain Photos Western Caucasus

The western Caucasus is a part of the Main Caucasian ridge on the West from mountain Elbrus. Main regions of Wesern Caucasus in Dombai region and Uzuncol region.

Dombay region is one of the most popular region for climbing.

To the south towering a rock sculpture of "The slain Bison" - Dombay Ulgen group (4046 m) with the grandiose vertical rock face falling down over 1000 meters. Mountain Ptysh (3520 m) which eastern crest looks like elephant's head and trunk. But the most famous mountain in Dombai, dominating over Dombay plateau, is Mt. Belalakaya ("Mottled rock") which name related with a few 50 meters each belts of white quartz cut through West (700 m) and most popular north-east (1000 m) rock faces. From the north side its shape looks completely like mountain Matterhorn in Alps.

Uzuncol region is a part of Western Caucasus is situated half way from Dombay to Elbrus.

There is a rock bastion of mountain Dalar (3979 m). Mountain Dvoyniashka (3843 m) rises up its double peak to the left of it. This is a bastion with 15 rock and or mixed routes with difficulty ratings ranging from 3 to 6 Further mountain Zamok ("Castle") (3930 m) attracts climbers with the beauty of snow-covered summits and variety of combined routes. The Dolomites mountains lie round a splendid little blue lake. On the rocky sides of the Dolomites mountains are beautiful and difficult relatively short routes.

Mountain Photos Crimea

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